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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Webcast? 
A live broadcast that happens in real-time and has a specific start time. A webcast incorporates video, audio, supporting material, and usually has presentation slides included.

What is an On-Demand program?
An on-demand program is a recording of a webinar or webcast event that is accessible at your convenience; this format may be paused or stopped, and if you choose,  taken in segments over time.

Catalog Search and Registration

How do I search the catalog to find programs or products that interest me?

You may narrow your search by dragging your cursor/mouse over the "Browse by Delivery Type" pull down located in the top, left corner of the catalog home page. Here, you can limit your search to the delivery type you wish to view.

You may search programs by using the "Search" bar at the top of the page, which is located at the top, center of the catalog home page. Here you may search by any word, all words, or an exact phrase.

On the Search Results page, you can assign the filters of your choice and re-sort the search results to your preference. The Category Filter shows the available primary categories with a number count of courses in each category. Once a primary category is selected, the secondary filter will populate with secondary categories within the primary category (includes course number count). When no primary category is indicated, all secondary categories will populate.

You may access your course history by hovering over "Hello, [Your Name]" and clicking My Account. 

How do I select the program(s) that I want to register for?
When you click on the title of the program there will be an "Add to Cart" or "Register Now" button to the right of the course details, click this to add the item(s) to your account. You will be brought to a Pricing Page that will list your pricing options. You will need to sign into your member account in order to receive the correct member pricing for your jurisdiction(s). Follow the checkout prompts to complete your registration. Hover over “Hello, [Your Name]” to access your account and registrations.

What if I need more information on a program or product?
Detailed information is provided on the course details page which can be accessed by clicking on a course title. The course details page will include program description/schedule/content, credits, and faculty/presenters.

How do I view my registrations?
Find "Hello, Guest" and sign in with your member credentials. Once logged in this will say "Hello, [first name]" followed by "My Account." Click here. By default, you will see a list of your registrations organized first by events that have a future live date and then followed by your newest to oldest by registration date. Additional filtering options are available to you at "Sort By" at the top of the screen and under "Refine your results" and "Display Registrations From" at the left of the screen. You will also receive a confirmation email at the time of registration to the email address associated with your online catalog account profile. 

Log-in and Program Access

Log-in and Access to Live Programs:
1. Navigate to the catalog home page
2. Hover the mouse over "Hello, Guest" in the top right corner and click "Sign In." The "Hello Guest" button will change to "Hello, [Your Name]"
3. If not redirected automatically to the My Products page, you can always find it by hovering your mouse over "Hello, [Your Name]" in the top right corner and clicking "My Products" on the menu.
4.Once on the My Products page, locate the appropriate program and launch.  


What are the minimum system requirements for viewing a program online?
  • Windows: X86 or X64 (64-bit mode support for IE only) 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 2GB RAM.
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.5+(Leopard)(Browsers must be in 32-bit mode), an Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 2GB RAM. 
  • Internet – A Cable or DSL internet connection providing 5-1OMbps is highly recommended for the best streaming experience.

What do I do if I do not meet the minimum system requirements?
You may want to access your course content from a different computer or location if you do not meet any of the previously listed requirements.  Please reach out to our customer support team at (877) 880-1335 or for assistance with testing your system.

IMPORTANT: If you will be accessing any of the online content at a work location, it is strongly recommended that you first check with your IT department or Network Administrator to ensure that you have appropriate permissions to install programs and/or the ability to access streaming media.

How do I watch (launch) my program?
If the course is a playable format, when in your account, you will see a large "Play" button. The Play button is what you use to watch your program. On-Demand products can be accessed at your leisure. If you are connecting to a live program (webcast/webinar), you will not be able to start the program until the date/time listed in the product details.  If the program is a Zoom Webinar, the “Play” button will open a window with the corresponding Zoom link. Downloadable content will have a green "Download" button that you press to either play the content from the site, or download and save to your computer.

When I click on the “Play” button, nothing happens. What should I do?
When you click the green 'Play' button, it will launch the viewer in a new window or a Zoom link in a new window. If you are clicking this button and nothing is happening, more than likely the viewer window is already open. Please check all open and/or minimized windows.